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Return on Integration

"Our Products can save organizations time and money by allowing them to utilize and leverage in-house resources and proven technology while moving to the next-generation e-business environment." 

BlueStar provides an integration solution that is easy to implement, scalable, and reliable. For companies integrating host transactions with eBusiness technologies, BlueStar saves time, saves money, and prevents the frustration that usually accompanies integration projects. It is the ideal solution to allow companies to extend the ROI of their host applications while bringing new returns through integration with eBusiness applications.


Results in...


Flexible licensing

Lower acquisition costs

Licensed customers can XML-enable all the host applications running in the same BlueStar. There are no additional costs per application or per transaction.

Fast and easy installation

Immediate ROI

Installation takes less than an hour. BlueStar is a code-free technology. All host applications are instantly available to eBusiness applications so developers can begin integrating host transactions immediately.


Lower training costs

Developers can use existing tools and skills to integrate host applications.

Universal connectivity

Lower implementation costs

BlueStar outputs XML as a common data format for all applications to use, reducing the time and complexity in integration projects. Traditionally, integrating one legacy application with multiple applications meant that output had to be customized for each recipient, creating a network of hard-coded interdependencies.

Scalability and efficiency

Lower operating costs

BlueStar provide a scale-up and scale-out technology and consumes little memory, has low CPU overhead, and ensures fast transaction response times.

Stable and reliable

Lower maintenance costs

BlueStar has as few "moving parts" as possible. The result is a product that provides the reliability.

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