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BlueStar Server 2018

Intuitive, Reliable, and Robust           

Customers have been the primary source for developing the current BlueStar feature set. Their stories led to the founding of the company and they provided feedback on how the product could be further enhanced to meet their needs. The result is an integration product that solves real business problems quickly and easily.


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The following table reflects some of BlueStar's current features. Are you looking for a particular feature, support for a specific type of transaction, or anything else not listed here? Let us know what you need and we will let you know if we support it.




Automatic XML generation

Once installed, BlueStar immediately makes all host transactions XML-enabled.

Most solutions require API for host transaction and data transformation , which becomes time-consuming and expensive when integrating applications with large numbers of transactions.

HTTP interface

Most integration efforts use HTTP to communicate with a web application running on a Windows or UNIX server. Applications can invoke host transactions using HTTP requests over TCP/IP.

Any application that is capable of sending a URL and receiving and XML document can access host data. All application servers and integration servers support HTTP and XML.

SOAP support

BlueStar includes SOAP support that allows companies to integrate host applications as web services.

Web services use XML to communicate using a common format that conforms to the SOAP specification. As web services become the standard for integration, your host applications will be ready.

Fixed-format XML

Output from BlueStar conforms to a defined, predictable document structure.

Developers know what to expect in return from each data request sent to BlueStar. A documented, fixed-format makes it easier for developers to pull data out of the XML results.


BlueStar uses HTTP and XML to allow remote applications to access host transactions.

Developers can use their existing knowledge of tools and technologies to integrate host transactions in to eBusiness applications. Standards-based solutions lower the costs associated with development and maintenance.

BlueStar™ is a comprehensive, scalable product that provides a scalable rapid integration platform for TIBCO BusinessWorks and Microsoft BizTalk Server. 

BlueStar delivers a rapid return on investment by quickly and easily integrating TIBCO BusinessWorks and Microsoft BizTalk Server to any combination of back-office systems, including ERPs, databases, custom, and legacy systems in just a few days, rather than weeks or months, and conducting live, two-way e-commerce transactions.

BlueStar offers a highly practical solution consisting of a suite of fully integrated component modules, which complement the way you do business, including:

  • Parameter Driven for legacy application integration
  • Dynamic Load Balancing
  • Robust Join Engine
  • File system access to back-end systems
  • Graphical mapping
  • Data transformation
  • Object Pooling for performance optimization
  • Multi-layer security
  • Workflow for long run transaction
  • Multi-server, multi-thread for transaction scalability
  • DBCS support
  • Broad support for XML data standards
  • Dynamic Session Management

Optional modules include

  • Custom codepage support


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